安全環境: RC鋼骨結構、耐火漆、防焰窗簾地毯、防焰地板、全新滅火器、多處逃生口、2400萬公共意外險、100萬火災險等。

歡迎來電洽詢、事先場勘 0906-270-926 張小姐。預定請上SpaceAdvisor場地家或是居品租市


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Luxurious large venue for rent:
Suitable for Dance, Yoga, gym class, business, seminar, luncheon, evening cocktail party.

We are based on MeiChun/NanTun intersection with several parking lots nearby. The dance floor is 28 ping (92.56 m2), the indoor area 42 ping (138.84 m2). We offer the air-conditioner, Amway air purifier, intelligent Bluetooth light, projector and 100 in screen, professional stereo, 2 wireless microphones. The decor is very luxurious with large wall mirrors (can be covered by curtains), laminated wooden floor, 6 barres, 10 round tables, 52 chairs are available for your event (we might purchase more in the future). In addition, there is a bar with coffee machine, sparkling water machine, electric kettle, and Amway eSpring water purifier. Safe environment: RC steel frame structure building, fire-resistant paint, flame-retardant curtains and carpet, flame-retardant floor, new fire extinguishers, multiple escape openings, and $24 million public accident insurance etc. The space was just opened in December 2019 and all equipment and facilities are new. Tango.two's elegant design is suitable for art events, elite meetings, press conferences, and product presentations etc.

Rental fee is based on event style (art related or not), number of people in the event, and the time of the day. Please contact Miss Chang for more information at 0906-270-926. Catering service is also available.  

Please check the website Gallery and Past Events for more information.